Grief Is Work

For the grieving and the ones that love them

Grief is work, the hardest work a person will ever have to do. is a resource for the grieving and those who know someone who is. You will find that will provide some basic tools and information that will make it easier to do the work of grieving.

Stories to help understand

Sometimes it just helps to read stories about other people dealing with grief . Stories can help you feel like you are not alone and can give ideas that may make it easier to do the work. The stories also give examples of what someone else’s journey was like and how they have dealt with or are dealing with the loss.

Are you grieving? Is someone you know grieving?

Find out by reading about the Symptoms of Grief . Many people are living with grief without knowing it. It can eat away at you and cause difficulties in your life making you feel out of control. In this section you will find clear descriptions of behaviors that perhaps you will have noticed in yourself and or in others.

What can you do about it?

Pick up some tools and get to work!